Here you can find the most important tips for new players.

Keep the keys in a secure container.

The keys can be used for their intended purpose anywhere in your inventory. Keep them in your secure container to make sure you do not lose them in case of sudden death. The rarest keys (e.g. the Factory Exit Key) should not leave your secure container at all, even if you are in a location where this key is not useful to you.

You must store it in your protected container, then you will not lose it by mistake! It’s also better to get a key box.

Top 10 tips for beginners in Escape from Tarkov

Keys are reusable.

Keys can be reused and not lost after use (Suddenly who did not know). Also keys can be used from a secure container and there is a keyring for keys.

Watch the streams.

Streamers are a great way to get acquainted with the game, as well as to find others to play on the team, to learn new tactics of combat, and a good option to spend your free time. For example, I can recommend you Terminator and Dobe.

The sound is much more important than you could ever imagine.

Listen to the environment. Even though I’m a player who likes to have the TV in the background, I turn it off when I play EFT. 90 percent of this game is about sound.

Take your time.

If you are not sure that you should act aggressively now, do not be afraid to stay put and wait for someone to do it for you and die. At some point, you will find that you are on the location with another player, who is also hiding and waiting for the enemy to kill him. This may strain you a lot, but you will get a great reward without taking too many risks.

Learn how to get out of a location.

Use maps from Therapist, offline mode, video, everything you need and be sure to learn where all the exits on the locations are, to a single one.

Top 10 tips for beginners in Escape from Tarkov

Reloading – discharging shotguns right out of the inventory.

You can reload or discharge your shotgun directly from the inventory menu. This only works in your stock menu and only when the shotgun is NOT EXCEPTED.

Double click on your shotgun, scroll to the tube magazine (for example, it can be 4, 6 or 8 rounds, and it is discharged almost completely), move this part of the weapon to your inventory and then charge or discharge it like any other magazine for the weapon, then drag it to your shotgun.

Top 10 tips for beginners in Escape from Tarkov

Don’t worry about dying.

You’ll die, often. You’ll get an offensive experience from your disappointing deaths and your ridiculous losses. It’s okay, you know what game you’re playing. We’ve all had this terrible experience when we started. I’ve been playing games for over 25 years and this game kicks my ass with enviable ease.

This is what I paid for – and I love it! I love the challenge, the fear of losing and the pranks of the game itself. When you realize that losing part or all of your equipment isn’t so scary, you’ll really start to enjoy the game!

Top 10 tips for beginners in Escape from Tarkov

Find a group to play together

Playing EFT alone is quite fun. But I thought it was more fun to play as a team. Not only because you’ll have someone to watch your back, but also because the chance to take a lot of loot and stay alive becomes much greater.

There are many ways to find people to play together, but the best way is to join the clan that already plays Escape From Tarkov, and also to meet people in the game chat. But don’t forget the unofficial band EFT, which is in Discord.

Don’t get your hopes up for an axe race.

Starting from the very beginning of the game, axe racing can be quite a useful way to better learn the locations in real combat, rather than offline. But you will quickly have a fear of losing all the equipment that you have earned in such raids. If you think that you really don’t want to lose all your hard-earned equipment, it’s better to keep some weapons for later, and conduct subsequent raids with them.

Or buy 10 Makarov Pistols and play with them until you run out of them. It’s likely that before you lose them all, you’ll get your money back, and even what you’ll earn. As soon as you lose the fear of losing your equipment, you will really start to earn money.

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