Meditations is a collection of small games from a group of renowned developers, consisting of 365 projects that change every day. I have tried all the games that were offered from January 1 to today and I am ready to tell you about the best of them. The full list of all the developers who took part in the project and download the game is available from the official website.

Games from Meditations. January-February

Noche de Reyes

Louis Ludipe, designer of A Place for the Unwilling, made his own little game telling the story of January 5th, the Day of the Three Kings – a holiday in Spain, when children are waiting for toys from three old men they dreamed of all year. The developer’s grandfather owned two toy stores, built a house, where his family still lives and visited almost all over the world. Unfortunately, he died at Christmas time, than Louis and decided to share, using a little story.

You can play Noche de Reyes on the official website of the designer.

Top Games from Meditations. January-February

The Bestest Boy

A lovely and touching game by Lucas Gullbo, in which we control a dog that scares the pigeons off and bounces in the woods. Lucas does have a dog that he often walks with in the woods to get away from the problems he faced in 2015, when he was caught up in a black streak in his life. If it makes you feel any better, he is still alive and well to this day.

You can find out more about Lucas’ games on his official website.

Top Games from Meditations. January-February

Past Friend

Another game about the dog. This time we control the ghost of the pet, which is played by the owner and throws him the ball, which we must bring back. Unfortunately, the background of this game is sadder – Cullen, the creator of the project, told us that he had a dog as a child and got sick before one of his birthdays.

To learn about the new game studio, in which Cullen works, you can on the official website of the team.

Top Games from Meditations. January-February

Happy Little Lambs

The game of walking and returning sheep to the enclosure. There are only eight animals on the screen and your task is to bring them back to the enclosure where the sheep are kept. Despite the funny idea, it’s hard enough to do it: having chased one sheep and gone after the other, the first one will already have time to run out of the enclosure.

Happy Little Lambs was designed by Danielle Elett. According to him, he is constantly working on different games, and not in time to finish one as he takes on the other. You can get acquainted with his creative work on the official website of the developer.

Top Games from Meditations. January-February


The game was created by indie developer Kimmo Lahtien. At Remember, we are watching our grandmother and her grandson, the developer, just sitting in a room and enjoying the moment of reunion. According to Kimmo, his grandmother was born during the U.S. Civil War, lost two brothers during World War II and lived 99 years. We see her life fading away by clicking on the decor elements in the room – she becomes gray and slowly fades.

In 2018, the Barbearian, on which Kimmo was working, was released. You can check out other games of Laheiten at the official website of the developer.

Top Games from Meditations. January-February

Free as a Bird

It’s a story about fighting anxiety. You control a bird locked in a box that wants to get out – like a man who is attacked by an alarm, locked in a fictional box and does not react to the world around him, but still tries to break through its wall.

There’s no information about the developer, except his nick – Zk’.

Top Games from Meditations. January-February


A game that takes just a minute and a half. Probably, each of us has faced a situation when it is necessary to do some work in a limited time. The developers have shown what happens a minute before the task, for which there are deadlines. And, of course, they did not forget to reproduce a person’s reaction after it was done.

There was a whole team working on Timetable: the author of the idea, a programmer, a musician and a designer.

Top Games from Meditations. January-February

Swept Away

Simulator sinking child at sea, based on the real experience of the developer, Nick Kaman. Nick managed to make a really interesting and at the same time scary project, with a unique visual style. Probably the most original game from the collection for the whole month.

You can get acquainted with other games of Nick on the official website of the developer.

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