Can’t train at Train Station Renovation? Or after completing your first tutorial mission on no more available tasks? How can I solve this? These questions will be answered by our guide and Train Station Renovation – How to choose missions after training.

Train Station Renovation – How to choose the missions after the training.

There’s a map on the table where you select the station to repair. Each station has a different mission and history.

You need to select the first station that is on the left side of your map;

You have to follow the work one by one;

Each repaired station opens up the next one;

Also make sure you launch a new game and do not continue saving the demo. Be sure to launch a new game.

Not trained? First, you’ll learn how to stack garbage cans. Then you will move on to the first tool, which is a sponge. If you find a sponge, also keep in mind that all training tasks must be completed in order to complete the mission.

If you have problems with spinning, first click and hold the right mouse button and then move the mouse to rotate the elements inside the game.

That’s where we finish our guide and pass Train Station Renovation – How to choose missions after training. Feel free to use the comments section below!

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