Turbo Overkill faq

What is Turbo Overkill?

Turbo Overkill is an upcoming violent and fast-paced first-person shooter game developed by Trigger Happy Interactive. Set in a dystopian future, the game offers intense action, over-the-top weapons, and stunning visuals.

When will Turbo Overkill be released?

The game’s official release date has not been announced yet. However, the developers have mentioned that it will be available for PC.

What platforms will Turbo Overkill be available on?

Turbo Overkill is currently being developed for PC. There has been no official statement regarding its availability on other platforms such as consoles or mobile devices.

What are the key features of Turbo Overkill?

  • Fast-paced and chaotic gameplay
  • A wide variety of unique and powerful weapons
  • A dystopian cyberpunk setting filled with immersive environments
  • Blood-pumping soundtrack to enhance the gaming experience
  • A skill-based movement system allowing for fluid acrobatics and parkour-like actions

Is there multiplayer support in Turbo Overkill?

No official information has been released regarding multiplayer support in Turbo Overkill so far. The focus appears to be on delivering a single-player gameplay experience.

Can I customize my character in Turbo Ov

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  1. Turbo Overkill sounds like an exciting game! I love fast-paced first-person shooters and the dystopian setting adds an interesting twist. I

  2. Turbo Overkill looks like it will be a visually stunning game. The combination of a dystopian future and fast-paced gameplay sounds intriguing. I

  3. Turbo Overkill seems like it will be a thrilling game. I

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