I felt some of it in my own experience, I found something on the Internet, other people told me something. The experience of each player is very individual in many ways, and I can make mistakes and misinform somewhere, so if you come across something useful during the game or I mislead, share it in comments and accept my apologies!

I don’t travel through time and I haven’t had a preview copy, so there’s likely to be a second part, but much later.

To have at least some structure, I’ll split the tips into different categories.


The branches on the trees are endless, but after you shake eight (or ten, who cares who will shake a tree for two hours for this?) the branches will stop falling until you lift the eighth.
Most resources are updated once a day: if you have knocked out all the iron from the stone, you only have to wait for the next day, like with firewood. Fish and insects are endless.
Fruit, by the way, grows on trees once every few days, not every day.
If you catch something new, your character will say “YES!” first thing.

First of all, give all new fish and insects to the museum (or wait for its opening and keep with you) to fill it. Subsequent specimens can be sold or kept at home as pets.
Hear the annoying whistling of the wind? Look around, maybe a balloon with a gift is flying nearby – it should be hit with a slingshot.

One of the rocks on the island is monetary. Instead of resources, money will fall out of it. The more consecutive blows you make, the more money will fall out with each blow – until money completely surrounds the stone.

If you do not strike in a quick succession, the money in the stone will run out quickly and you will not get the most out of it. And making sequential blows quickly is not so easy, because from each blow you just bounce back a little and you need to run back.
But there is a tricky trick to get the most out of each stone with a hundred percent guarantee: before you hit a stone, dig two holes in the back of you in the corner of the stone (see picture below). This way, you will bounce into the pits and rest your back on them without moving in place and you can safely spin button A.

By the way, remove everything around the stone, as this limits the amount of resources that fall out of the stone (it takes up space!).

Basically, keep in mind that in the game for one cell of the earth can usually exist only 1 object – whether it’s a branch, weed, stone, flower, and so on. You can put a table of course and put something on it, but these are exceptions. Most often it doesn’t affect anything, because firewood or fruit falls next to it if the space is occupied. But if a gift from a balloon falls on an object, the gift will be lost!

A lot of us have already been bitten by wasps. So how can we defend ourselves against them with the same guarantee that we get the most out of each stone? Well, there’s one more trick: we approach each tree with a finished net in our hands. Approach strictly from the front within 45 degrees (see picture below). This is because wasps always appear to the left of the tree and right after the end of the animation, the character looks right at them. In this position right after the end of the animation, all we have to do is press the A Button and we catch them without any problems. Motorno, but guaranteed.

With wasps, there’s a simpler but less reliable option: as soon as you see wasps, run away, quickly turn around and catch them. And if it happens that the hive was found while cutting an untested tree, you can run away, call the wheel of quick selection of items (it freezes the wasps that are chasing you) and catch them.

After eating the fruit, you can dig out the whole tree with a shovel. Why do you need it? So that you don’t lose it when building something (trees and flowers are removed at the site), so you don’t have to wait for the fruit to grow out of the tree.
Speaking of fruit. Eat the fruit, IN NO case do not hit the stone, if you do not beat out of it all available resources. Otherwise, you’ll break it and F.

Even if you break all the stones, the next day new ones will appear, but in other places.
Have you surely seen a golden glow from the ground? That’s where the money is buried! But don’t hurry to fill the dug gold hole. If you put money there (and only there), then in a few days a money tree will grow in this place and you will get three times more money than you originally buried. That is, if you plant 3 thousand – you will get 9 thousand in the end.

But the money tree has limits! I do not advise to bury more than 30 thousand, otherwise you will get not in 3 times more, but in 2 with something or that less. Because the maximum is 99,000. But it’s not bad either, right?
You can pick up flowers with the Y button, or you can pick up flowers (plants themselves!) by digging them up with a shovel. And if the flowers are needed for crafting, the flowers themselves are needed for breeding different kinds of flowers and with each other. And the flowers are stacked in the inventory, but the flowers are not.

By the way, if you run through the flowers – they will not be lost from “trampling”, as in Ave.


Try to visit them at least once a day – you never know what it will be like this time!

Islands differ from each other (the game has different common blanks of islands). You may find an island with endless tarantulas, an island with an increased number of sharks, an island with a heart-shaped lake, with an abundance of bamboo and so on.

You can call for the animals you like, just talk to them and they will ask for dialogue.

You will never return to this island again, so don’t be afraid to completely destroy it by cutting down all the trees and digging up all the flowers.
There are no gift balloons on the islands. So there’s no point in taking a slingshot with you. And the watering can, too, is LOL.

But I’d take a river crossing stick there, just in case. The stairs are mandatory.
In general, if you want, you can come to the islands at least naked – after all, you can buy some tools for miles and use them to scrape the right tools. But then you sacrifice the resources you get, it’s up to you.

The islands also have messages in the bottle! Not at all, but check these beaches!


“Day” starts at 5:00 a.m. That is, all changes happen at this very time – the trees grow up sharply, the buildings are completed, the house is improved, flowers bloom, the terminal is updated, Tom Nuk makes his daily announcement and so on.

Don’t worry too much about choosing the starting island – you can change most of the landscape later to suit your tastes.

But there is something you cannot change and you should pay special attention to it: the location of the airport, the beach, the stones on it. Accordingly, you will not be able to change the estuaries of the rivers, and this too should be watched if it is important for you.

The same is true for the buildings – a little later, you will be able to move residents’ houses, shops and special buildings for an “extra fee”.
You can NOT change the position of Resident Services, so keep this in mind when choosing an island!

You can’t change the name of the island either, by the way. And no, residents don’t say “island name”, they just say the name itself. For someone, it’s important…

Get used to the fact that the progress of the game stretches over several days, and sometimes even weeks. Enter the game for half an hour and you will have time to do most of the necessary activities to advance in the “story” and the opening of the main buildings at a calm pace. The game does not force you to anything, have patience. Expecting something, you will appreciate it even more.

Do not forget to have time to get the opportunity to buy special items in the game through Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and a joint promotion company.
Tired of constantly breaking tools and having to run to the machine? Carry this machine with you all the time and use the available materials to craft everything on site. That’s brilliant.

When you get a stick and shovel, try to make a hole on one side of the shore, then jump into this hole with a stick from the other side. Just give it a try.
Every Sunday morning (from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. to be exact) a piggy with turnips on his head will appear on the island, which will sell you this very turnip. These turnips work as “stocks” and only live for a week. You buy them for one price and then check their price in the shop every day (the price changes at midnight and at noon). The essence is simple: sell turnip more expensive than bought – stonks. And be sure to check the prices from friends, maybe there will be the most favorable offer!

You get bonus points from HHA for decorating your home, so show your personality without embarrassment (and for the arrangement of the yard around the house give points?).

The most important advice is NOT to forget your real life. Wash, brush your teeth, do not forget about friends and relatives, eat (but not much), drink water (a lot). The game certainly drags on, and the quarantine situation aggravates everything, but stay good boys and girls.


Talk to the residents every day! They can give you some useful (or not so) items or a quest. Or they can share a new reaction.

If a resident has changed face and runs to you, shouting your name – he wants to talk to you, talk to him (not obvious, right?).

Feel free to go to their house. If they are at home something Kraft, they will give you a DIY-recruitment of this thing!

Send them letters, they will give you bonus miles for that and you can get something from them in return!

The cooler your island looks, the more residents will want to roll into it! So make it beautiful with interior decorations and weeds. And water the Flowers!


In order not to look for the completed task in Nook Miles, in the menu of these bonuses you can simply rotate the right stick and automatically get to the completed task to get bonuses from it.

You can sort your inventory! Just press the A Button – and you’ll “take” the item and you can move it. Or you can go even faster and move the item with button A pressed, without waiting for an animation to “take” the item.

You don’t have to do it with a shovel to bury the hole. Press Y and you can do it with your foot!

You can speed up the krafting animation! Just clamp (or spam as you like) button A during the animation – and it will speed up.

For some reason, turnips (which we get from mumps) can’t be cleaned in the vault at home, so it seems best to put them in a separate corner of the house/room. They won’t disappear like that, will they?

In the Encyclopedia you can see whether you have been hit by an insect/fish in the museum or not.
And in the krafting menu you can see whether you have an item in your inventory or not, also useful.
Press button B to scroll through the dialogues faster (there are still many repetitions, unfortunately).

Always bring something to the museum one by one, so that Blazers will tell you about each thing you brought to him. Whether or not to tell him about the insects is up to you.

If you’re out of inventory and storage space and you’re out of the house, you can drop something off outside. The whole island is your vault!
On the Encyclopedia view menu, press X. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?
By changing the right stick position, you can change the camera position. Depending on the situation, one position is more comfortable than the other.


Stores improve depending on how much money you spend in them. So be kind at least at first to buy whatever you can buy (ie, unfinished items are not worth it, in past games they did not count on progress or were considered with a lower coefficient).

But investing money is not always the only factor of improvement. Live in the game, make quests from special residents and get new shops and improvements!

All interior items and clothing that you bought or found are automatically added to the catalogue. Most items can be reordered from this catalogue, so don’t be afraid to sell something you don’t like, but something that could potentially come in handy later – for example, in the kitchen or toilet.
Even if you’re playing alone, check your basket from time to time at the Residence Service, and items will sometimes appear.

What you have ordered from the terminal, you will not receive until the next day by mail. And be careful, more than 5 orders per day you can not do!

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