End of the world soon, only the Viking who has Odin’s sword can stop him. Cooperation, choice of the right one? No, a bloody battle has begun for the possession of the sword.

When the game Valhall was announced, the information about it was similar to the plot of the bad fantastic book: some worlds, Vikings and the most ambitious concept.

As the developers admit, at the moment of announcing Valhall they had only the spirit of adventure and creative energy reserves. They sent out a trailer to bloggers, found investors and are now ready to present their game.

The plot of the main game is as follows: there is a certain field for eternal battle with four special zones and a large arena in the center. In this field were the best Vikings fighting for the sword of Odin himself, necessary in order to stop the apocalypse, destroying the map from all sides.

In addition to the royal battle mode, the developers presented two more modes: Wield Mjolnir and Siege. The first one also concerns the divine confusion: Thor lost his signature hammer and ordered the Vikings to return it. Once again, they made a mess of it, as only a worthy man can bring a divine weapon. That is the one who will take this hammer and turn the rivals into bloody mincemeat.

Valhall stands out for its advanced combat system with dodges, the ability to switch between third and first-person views, as well as the prohibition to look around the corners with the help of the Abuse of the camera.

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