Meet the guide and walkthrough of Valheim – the ultimate weapon, how to craft an awesome two-handed battle hammer. As you play the cooperative Viking survival game Valheim, you may be surrounded by greylings and skeletons from time to time. They’re not formidable enemies on their own, but when you’re in a burial chamber or near a nest of gray dwarfs, you can be overwhelmed by their sheer numbers.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have weapons that deal area damage, such as a large two-handed battle hammer covered with spiky deer antlers. A single strike will damage every opponent in range of the hammer, often knocking them back, giving you a few seconds to strike again. Also: really fun to hit objects with a giant hammer. I recommend.

Valheim guide and walkthrough – best weapon, how to craft an awesome two-handed battle hammer

The name of the battle hammer is Stagbreaker, and here’s how to craft it. First you need to visit the Black Forest. Look for pines and spruces and chop them with the axe. Assemble a core of spruce and pine trees. Spruce and pine will give you a different kind of wood than you collected in the initial biome of The Meadows.

Just collecting the first pieces of core wood will give you a recipe for Stagbreaker :

20 wood.
5 stag trophies
2 skin scraps.

Once you collect enough wood from the Black Forest, the rest of the ingredients can be collected at The Meadows. You’ve probably killed deer and boars for meat and skin, and you know that sometimes they also drop trophies. You will need 5 deer trophies and 2 skin scraps to complete the recipe.

You will also need an improved level 2 workbench. As we mentioned in our Valheim Tips Guide , you can create a chopping block with flint and place it next to your workbench, which will upgrade it to level 2.

That’s all you need to create a Stagbreaker! Enjoy wrecking everything in Valheim with your new battle hammer.

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