In this guide we will tell you about the best weapons in multiplayer first-person shooter Valorant. In the game there are no too much imbalance or frankly weak “guns”, but some of them look the most preferable and versatile. The website, which specializes in mete in cyber sports games, has divided the weapons in Valorant into 3 shooting galleries. That’s what we’re going to tell you about in this manual.
There are five categories of weapons in Valorant, each of which has its tactical advantages and disadvantages:
Machine guns – effective in close and far combat.
Sniper rifles – kill targets from afar with one shot.
Submachine guns – shredding enemies up close.
Shotguns – do a lot of damage at close range.
Heavy weapons – have a lot of ammunition.
Personal weapon, in case you run out of ammo for the main weapon.
Below is a rating of all types of weapons, which will help you decide on the choice in a particular situation

Tier 1 Phantom (Automatic)

Analog M4A1-S from CS:GO. Phantom is an automatic rifle with suppressing fire, combining simplicity and high efficiency. Clicking the left mouse button makes accurate and powerful shots that are not too difficult to control and can quickly kill an enemy. Right clicking will slow down the rate of fire, but provide even greater accuracy. The feature of this weapon is its simplicity. You can’t go wrong with this thing. It does an incredibly good job in any situation – short range, medium range, even long range battles – no problem for this gun.

The closest Vandal analogue is the AK-47 from CS:GO. Compared to the Phantom, this weapon is slower to fire, has higher recoil, which is compensated for by higher damage. It cannot hold the trigger too long (unless you get used to the recoil), but it will destroy your opponent at medium and short range. Moreover, it can kill enemies with its headshot at all distances, so if you are serious about it, you should definitely buy it.

A sniper rifle.
Oh, right, it’s AWP. It kills body and head at any distance with one shot, making it the most powerful weapon in the game. You need to aim before the shot, and there is no way to cancel the reload animation, so you need to calculate each shot. However, if the bullet hits the target, you don’t have to worry – it will be dead. It’s a great weapon for someone who likes to hold the corners or take those crucial shots for the team.

Spectre looks like a mini version of Phantom, which means it deals overwhelming damage, is easy to control and reliable. Although its damage and accuracy drops dramatically over long distances, its high firing speed and relatively controlled recoil make it a fantastic choice for short and medium range shooting. Even an enemy with full armor can be easily destroyed by these weapons, which makes them a great choice if you don’t have enough money, but you still need to buy something.

This gun may not have the highest damage in its category, but it is quiet, accurate, and able to drop an enemy to the ground with one or two long range shots to the head. It looks like the USP-S from CS:GO and will be a favorite of players who want a reliable gun at a low price.

Being the most powerful of the pistols, and at the same time the most expensive, Sheriff is able to defeat the enemy on most courses. In this respect it looks like Deagle from CS:GO, so don’t expect this gun to forgive your enemies at close range. The weapon will reward those who aim well but will punish players who don’t have time to aim at the enemy. You can buy this weapon in almost any round, especially if your economy is suffering, and it will give you the opportunity to turn the situation around. All you need is one shot in the head to kill the enemy in most cases – that’s what makes this weapon so powerful.

Tier 2.

Bulldog is an automatic rifle with slow firing rate and high recoil, similar to the small AK-47. It is capable of two shots to the head to kill the enemy and is best at short and medium range, while at long range it can be a little tense. You will need to switch to an alternative mode of fire, which will give you the sight and a more accurate line of three bullets. You should not buy if you have money problems, because Phantom and Spectre are a much better investment. But if your bank is suffering, it is a good choice.

The Guardian.
The Guardian single shot rifle is a semi-automatic rifle, designed for those who consider their aiim magnificent. Shoot someone in the head and you will destroy them immediately, but if you miss and panic, you could get into trouble. It’s designed for calm, thoughtful gameplay, and it won’t be easy for you if you start to feverishly press the left mouse button. This makes this weapon a risky choice, which can be very lethal against one target, but also, if you have money, why not buy safer, stronger options, which will be easier against several targets?

Marshal (sniper rifle)
A weaker version of the Operator, but with the same accuracy shoots much faster. The weapon kills with one shot to the head, but with a few shots to the body. However, the accuracy of shooting from the hip is outrageous, so you should not engage in short-range battles and take Spike.

Of course, it’s not the brightest or most powerful gun, but it does the job – and it won’t cost you a penny. This thing is not so bad for its category, and its alternative fire from a short distance can seriously wound enemies in close combat, which makes this weapon surprisingly versatile.

Frenzy (personal weapon)
There is only one fully automatic pistol in the game and it is one of the few guns that has no alternative fire mode. It’s great for short distances, but it’ll be folded up on everyone else. That makes it a great purchase for the initial round or if you decide to save money for the next one. You can sneak in the corridors to the enemy, spread out a short distance, and immediately capture the enemy’s weapons. Weapons of the bandit, if you like.

Tyre 3.

The insanely fast pace of fire makes this weapon a good choice in the early stages of the match if you want an economic advantage. However, its power drops dramatically as the match progresses and it will be difficult to resist enemies with armor. It is normal, but Spectre is superior to it in almost every way.

Shorty (personal weapon)
Shorty with very small attack radius and high damage. There’s really nothing to say, except that you’d better choose a more versatile gun.

Bucky (shotgun)
A classic shotgun, pretty good at close range – and that’s almost it. An alternative way of shooting will reduce the spread of bullets, but you’d better buy a submachine gun if you have money, as in general it is a much more versatile weapon.

It’s a shotgun.
Fully automatic shotgun, the spread of which depends on how long you hold the trigger. If you meet someone close by, a left click will destroy your enemy quickly, but that’s all this weapon can do.

Ares (heavy weapon)
Probably the best heavy weapon with high damage, plenty of ammo and huge recoil. Squatting will give you much better control over the recoil, but then again, you just better buy an assault rifle, which is more versatile and does not require squatting to ensure accurate hits.

Odin (heavy weapon)
More and more powerful than Ares. Has an outrageous kickback and an insanely high rate of fire. You have to squat when you use it, which will make you stationary. This makes it the normal choice to protect an object, but its use is limited.

Review of all weapons
Personal weapon
Classic: free – standard gun.
Shorty: costs 200 – cut.
Frenzy: costs 400 – fully automatic gun.
Ghost: costs 500 – a suppressing gun.
Sheriff: cost 800 – revolver with slow firing rate, but high damage.
Submachine guns .
Stinger: worth 1,000 – base submachine gun.
Spectre: costs 1,600 – suppressing submachine gun.
Shotguns .
Bucky: costs 900 – pump shotgun.
Judge: costs 1,500 – semi-automatic shotgun with drum barrel.
Automatic machines .
Bulldog: costs 2,100 – a hybrid submachine gun and machine gun.
Guardian: costs 2,700 – single shot rifle, with great accuracy.
Phantom: cost 2,900 – suppressing assault rifle.
Vandal: cost 2,900 – powerful automatic rifle.
Sniper rifles
Marshal: cost 1,100 – much more affordable than its analogue, but less powerful. Very accurate at long range, but it takes more shots to kill a target in the body.
Operator: cost 4,500 – kills an enemy with one bullet when hitting any part of the body.
Heavy weapon.
Ares: costs 1,700 – high damage, but high kickback.
Odin: costs 3,200 – Huge damage and a large store, but it’s hard to control the shots and takes a long time to reload.

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