Valorant is the new team shooter from Riot Games, which has ten characters of your choice with unique abilities. In this guide we’ll tell you about each of the characters, and you can choose one that’s closer to you.

Below we will describe each Agent from best to worst.

Sage’s ability – to revive allies, that’s what makes it one of the best characters for the game. It is one of the most powerful abilities that can completely change the course of the whole game.

Sage’s second ability is building an ice wall that can close some wide passageway, blocking the enemy’s way to you. So if you want to bring maximum benefit to your allies, make sure you choose Sage.

Raze doesn’t do so much good for his allies, and the character himself specializes in explosions. Raze’s abilities are unparalleled in other characters. For example, it can release a robot that will move in a straight line, and when it meets its opponent, it will explode near him. Another ability allows you to set up a bomb that throws characters in the air and allows them to be in high places.

And don’t forget about its ultimate, which when activated Raze shoots a grenade launcher and deals huge damage to your opponent.

Another strong character who brings unimaginable benefits to the team. For example, Brimstone can cause three smoke screens from the sky at the same time, which can be useful for invisible passage on a map.

Moreover, Brimstone has an incendiary grenade, which can be used to inflict damage to opponents when they are all standing together in a small area, and if you and your allies are standing in a small area, Brimstone can install a beacon, which increases the speed of fire for the entire team.

Phoenix is the closest character to Counter Strike. For example, Phoenix’s abilities allow the character to throw dazzling and incendiary grenades, the equivalent of a light-noise grenade and Molotov from Counter Strike.

Phoenix can also build an entire wall of fire, through which his opponent takes huge damage. Moreover, when a character passes through this wall, his health is restored.

Jett is the most mobile character in Valorant and is perfect for situations where you are staying indoors with the enemy one-on-one. It’s difficult to hit a Jett because of its high jump and ability to fly a short distance.

If, while playing for Jett, you realize that you have an advantage on the opponent’s side and need to regain your strength, you can use a smoke grenade that blocks the enemy’s view and escape from the battlefield.

Viper – the average character, which in general can and turn the game, but only if it is played for a person with experience. The fact is that some of her abilities cause damage to allies, so you need to be able to use them.

For example, the ability snake bite leaves a puddle of poisonous acid, stepping on which any player takes damage. And if you use a veil of gas, you will take damage yourself. However, its ability, which causes a cloud of gas on almost the entire map, deals damage only to the enemy, which can be useful to you.

Sova is a long-range fighter, so you will surely meet him in the match, and most of your deaths will be his work.

In general, if you played Overwatch and constantly chose Hanzo, then Sova can become your character. Its abilities allow you to shoot an arrow with the lighthouse, which will show the enemies near the place where the projectile landed, or you can shoot a special arrow that will trigger when you collide with the enemy. Sova can also launch a drone that can be used to scout the area and mark the location of enemies.

And the character’s special ability allows it to launch a special charge that passes through walls and carries huge damage.

Cypher specializes in traps that can slow down the movement of the enemy or collect some information about the enemy team. So, the character has more of a defensive role.

Is it worth talking about the irritation of the opponent when he is once again caught in your trap? So do not go too far with them, because the opponent can just leave the match in a fury from the fact that you again managed to catch him.

The character, for which it is really difficult to play, because most of his attacks pass through the walls and specialize in cataclysms: a dazzling flash, earthquake, and even the rolling of thunder. However, the character has an advantage over his opponents only in the first stages of the game, because later, the opponents will learn all the places where the attacks usually take place and just start to bypass them or beware of all the walls in principle.

However, on some maps Breach is an excellent choice.

Omen feels like a really strong character, but he misses something. He can cause a smoke curtain on a certain area of the map, closing the view to the opponents and even teleport for short distances.

And with his special ability Omen can be anywhere on the map. If there is a player in your team who has chosen this character, the paranoia for the enemy team is guaranteed.

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