Players of the new team shooter from Riot Games, Valorant, sometimes meet with the fact that the game servers are turned off. This is really a significant problem, but fortunately in this article we will try to help you and tell you what to do if the game servers are down.

Why servers in Valorant do not work and are not available – what to do.

We don’t know what specific problem you’re encountering, but we do see a few reasons for the problem connection to the servers:
An update is in progress;
The server is down for maintenance;
A simple server is being made.
Unfortunately, the kind of error that you get is basically giving you nothing. The point is that there is nothing you can do about the fact that the servers in Valorant are not working, except wait for them to turn on. However, during this time, you can make sure that the problem is not on your side – check your Internet connection.

How to check the status of your servers

However, if you encounter Valorant servers being shut down, you can check their status and find out when they will turn on. You can check the status of the servers in your Twitter account and official Riot Games site or on the official Valorant site.

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