Valorant is a new team shooter from Riot Games, which unlike Overwatch and Call of Duty is more tactful and its gameplay is more like Counter Strike. It’s not so much the accuracy that matters here, but the team and well-coordinated game, because every shot can be fatal for you. If you’ve never played such shooters before or you want to learn something new, we’ve collected some tips for you, which are definitely worth exploring before you start playing Valorant.
Hyde and Passing Valorant – tips and tricks for newcomers

In Valorant, two teams of five players are fighting. Before the match, each player chooses his own character, the so-called Agent, with unique abilities. The team that wins first in 13 rounds wins the match.

One team is called “Attacking”, the other team is called “Defending”. The goal of the first team is to set the bomb, the goal of the other team is to prevent opponents from doing so.

At the beginning of each round, each player receives a certain amount of credits, local money that can be spent to buy weapons, armor or abilities.

So, when we have sorted out the rules of the game, let’s look at some tips that will help us win the match in Valorant.

Move in step, don’t run.
When you run in Valorant, your movement creates enough noise for the enemy to know where you are. Running makes so much noise that a circle appears on the mini-mobile to show how far the sound has gone. To prevent this, simply walk by pressing the Shift button while you are moving. Of course, walking is slower than running, but it makes your shooting more accurate and you are more secretive, allowing your team to sneak up on your opponents and take them by surprise.

Do not shoot on the move.
In addition to the previous advice, we note that accurate shooting and running in Valorant are simply incompatible. If you notice an enemy while running and want to shoot him, try to stop before you do. If you’ve been moving in increments while an enemy appears on the screen, you can do so much faster, which increases your chances of winning.

Save credits
During the first stages of the game you may think that buying the best weapons and abilities before each round is a great idea and so you will definitely defeat your enemies. Hurry up to upset you – it’s not so. Sometimes you need to wait until you buy and save your credits, so that in the next round you can synchronize with the team and think about buying each member of the group. For example: you are unlikely to win the round if you are the only one from your team to buy a gun, while all other allies are left with the base gun. But if you wait for the round, then the moment when the whole team is equipped with weapons and armor, you are sure to be able to win.

Echo Rounds
Eco rounds are tactics you might be familiar with if you’ve played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to play rounds when all the team members either buy nothing at all or buy a minimum.

Fullbuy rounds
As you might have guessed, fullbuy rounds are the exact opposite of eco rounds. A tactic where the entire team is bought with everything they need: the most powerful weapons, armor and abilities.

Buy armor.
With weapons, you defeat your opponents. But weapons are only useful if you’re alive. That’s where the armor comes in, which will give you a longer life expectancy. Armor, of course, is not the coolest thing you can buy in Valorant, but it is definitely the most useful. Without armor you will die after a couple of shots, so be sure to buy it at the beginning of the round.

Keep the scope at head level.
The less you have to move your mouse to aim at your opponent, the more chances you have to kill him before he does. Of course, you should get used to it, because most players don’t even notice where their sight is, but as soon as you start to follow this rule, you will notice that your efficiency has increased significantly.

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