Valve Index Buyers Will Get Exclusive Content for Half-Life: Alyx

With the full announcement of Half-Life: Alyx Valve talked about the bonuses you can get for ordering an Index VR headset in 2019. Everyone who has already purchased the company’s device will receive exclusive content and the game itself automatically in March 2020.

First of all, headset owners are promised exclusive skins for Alix weapons. Customers will also be able to explore the gaming world of Half-Life: Alyx as part of SteamVR. Finally, Valve promises unique themed content from the new Half-Life for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

If you plan to play in another VR headset, you can now pre-order Half-Life: Alyx at a 10% discount. The cost of only the helmet in the U.S. is $499. A complete set of headsets will cost $999.

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