Vehicles in Death Stranding: how to get, charge and repair

When you go through a new creation of Kojima Productions you will definitely find that some orders and deliveries require to overcome a huge distance. To walk all the way on foot, you’ll have to spend a lot of time. Luckily, you’ll have the opportunity to find and even make a variety of vehicles in Death Stranding, that can help you do the job. Any vehicle in the game requires batteries that run out of power over time, so they need to be recharged regularly, although they will be slowly recharged in sunny or cloudy weather (unless you are in a temporary rain zone).

There are two main types of vehicles: motorcycles called Reverse Trikes and large trucks. The former have higher travel speeds and an excellent balance, as you can ride them quickly in difficult terrain, but they have limited cargo space. Their increased mobility allows you to reach multiple destinations and even get ahead of the MULs.

The trucks are quite slow on any terrain that is not flat (and best shown on hard-surfaced roads), but have a huge payload, so they are great for carrying large quantities of materials. They can even pass through deep-bottomed rivers that usually knock you out of balance (but they will require a lot of energy to pass).

In this tutorial, we’ll tell you where to find or how to make all types of transport in the game, as well as how to fix, recharge, paint and use them effectively.

How to find and build vehicles

Below you will find information about all the vehicles you can find and finally build. You will also learn how much it costs to produce them and how they will open up.

Reversible racks

  • Standard version – complete Order No. 23. 220 pieces of metal and 160 pieces of ceramic are required for its manufacture.
  • Long-Range Version – complete Order No. 23. 220 metal units and 160 ceramic units are required for its production.
  • Protective version – reach level 3 of communication with the South Unit. It requires 200 units of metal, 160 units of ceramics and 48 units of special alloys.
  • “Road” version – deliver the memory chip, which can be found in the ravine of the WOG, located above the director’s bunker. It requires 220 units of metal, 160 units of ceramics and 96 units of special alloys.


  • Standard Version – complete Order No. 35. It requires 320 pieces of metal and 224 pieces of ceramic.
  • Long-Range Version (Level 1) – reach Level 3 of the Distributor connection south of the Lake Assemblies. It requires 280 units of metal, 256 units of ceramics and 48 units of special alloys.
  • Long-range version (2nd level) – reach the 4th level of communication with the Distributor to the south of the lake node. It requires 360 units of metal, 320 units of ceramics and 144 units of special alloys.
  • Protective version – reach the 4th level of communication with the Southern hub. It requires 240 units of metal, 224 units of ceramics and 96 units of special alloys.

How to charge your first motorcycle

At the beginning of your journey in the East Region of America, you will probably wonder how to get your first equipment. You’ll even notice the bike near the Reception Point, but it will be disabled due to a lack of battery power.

Unfortunately, the game will tease you with a vehicle out of your reach until you can activate it again with the help of a generator, because you will not be able to move the bike to the garage in a similar state. You will need to take the 9th order and deliver the supplies to the nearest wind farm before you know how to build a generator with PCC.

After receiving the update, go back to the station and equip the PCC by clicking on the D-Pad. Once you’ve done this, use the arrows on the gamepad to switch between the structures and find the generator, and then place it next to Trike. Once built, it will quickly charge the bike, allowing you to ride it again. However, it can easily lose its strength, which cannot be repaired with a repair spray. You’ll need to stop by a point or knot that has a private room and leave the transport on the elevator when you go down. During the rest period, the strength of your vehicles will be fully restored.

Even after you get this Reverse track, you won’t be able to build another bike, so use it with caution. Vehicles are best suited for flat terrain, but this bike can also be used on rough terrain, as you can hold the left stick to lift the front wheel into the air, allowing you to overcome stones and other obstacles. However, falls from high altitude or long jumps on a track can damage your load.

How to repair vehicles

As vehicles become more damaged by falls and heavy rain, you will notice that over time they become rustier and eventually begin to sparkle. At this stage, a heavy fall can lead to the total destruction of the vehicle, and you will have a limited number of ways to restore its durability.

The cargo spray has no effect, so you will have to use the garages that are available in the hub towns, distribution centers and shelters. To fully restore the durability of your equipment, you will need to drive it to the lifting platform in the appropriate building, and then either relax in your own room or use the garage access terminal. If you take your vehicle outside, it will be fully restored

Use of vehicles

Vehicles can and should be used in many scenarios, especially when traveling on relatively flat ground. Damage to the load is much more difficult to do when driving, as you will not stumble or slide down hills all the time, which is often the case when carrying things on foot. However, because of the limited battery life of bikes and cars, we advise you to always try to drive on asphalt roads that can be built in the Central region, as driving on them will not consume battery power even when using acceleration.

Note: The MULs also use trucks that drive around the camps in search of intruders and also leave them near their tents. Smart players can steal these trucks by loading stolen materials and supplies. However, if the enemies have time to hit the vehicles with electric weapons, you will have to get out of them because they will not be usable for a short period of time. Remember also that these machines do not belong to you, so be sure to unload all the items from them. Otherwise, they will simply disappear over time.

However, if your route runs through the mountainous terrain, you will have to forget about the transport. Technically, you can try to take the stairs on the track, but it is very risky. If you’re traveling off-road for a long time, don’t forget to either make the right route and look for generators on the road when traveling through the Chiral Network (or take an extra PCC to make your own generator), or avoid areas where your battery can run down quickly. Remember that some of the hub cities have multiple parking spaces outside, creating a small charging field to recharge your vehicles.

Although you will be able to create your own bikes and trucks in Episode 3, before that, nobody forbids you to find and use equipment left by other players. Each user can make up to 4 vehicles, after which the next transport will start to appear online and other players will be able to use it – it can bring you additional likes.

How to unlock colors for transport

When you start connecting to various facilities and distributors across the Central Region, you will find that, by raising the level of communication with certain locations, you will receive various awards. Some of these will allow you to paint your vehicles in different colors.

The level of communication needs to be raised at the following locations: Distributor south of the Lake Hub (up to 5th) and Chiral Artist (up to 4th)

How to get a unique track

There is a special type of reversible track that you can make, but to open it you need to find a certain memory chip in the Central region.

Head north of the director’s large ravine (and east of Ancient times) to find a hole filled with a poisonous gas (known as VOG). Use the hook to go down into the pit and find the Memory Card among the Chiral Crystals.

Go back to the terminal with this memory card and unlock the road bike, which is virtually invulnerable to damage (except temporary rain), and has an advertisement inscription “Ride with Norman Ridus” along the front.

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