You need a voice chat in Phasmophobia, but it does not work? Some users encounter microphone problems that prevent them from talking to ghosts and teammates. This can be very damaging to the game, but fortunately there is a simple solution. Does the voice chat (microphone) in Phasmophobia not work? How to solve the problem?

Voice chat (microphone) in Phasmophobia does not work – How to solve the problem?

Communication is key when playing together in Phasmophobia and even alone, if you prefer to communicate with the spirits. Voice chat problems in Phasmophobia are quite common.

Fixing a broken voice chat in Phasmophobia is to quit the current investigation and start a new one. According to a developer from Kinetic Games, problems with the microphone occur when a user disconnects from the voice server when loading the level.

Some users also noted a connection between switching via the “alt+tab” combination and communication problems. Users who often use folding and unfolding the game to avoid problems should play in window mode and click on the folding icon in the upper right corner.

Developers are currently studying the breakdown of voice chat in Phasmophobia, but note that finding a solution “may take some time”. Until then, the team plans to implement a temporary fix by adding a reconnection option so that players can leave the investigation and then come back to re-connect to the Phasmophobia voice server.

At this point, however, the only option for all players is to restart the investigation completely. Checking the connection at the beginning of each case will help to avoid losing progress in the future.

This is all you need to know about how to solve the problem when the Phasmophobia voice chat (microphone) is not working.

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