In this Watch Dogs Legion guide we’ve collected tips to help you understand how to pump your character.

The fact is that in Watch Dogs Legion you can hire almost any NPC you meet in the game. Each of them has its own history and different dispositions and skills in a certain class. In this walkthrough guide you will learn how the character development in the game works.
Pumping a character in Watch Dogs Legion

In Watch Dogs Legion each character has its own initial level. This means that after hiring, she or he may already have a different experience. This can affect whether you will be able to pump skills at the very beginning after hiring.

The levels of the characters are not the same either, so your team members are at different stages of development.

Once you have hired a character, you must choose the class to which the character should belong. This choice is a one-time one (!). The past NPC gives him unique abilities. It allows you to determine exactly what works best for someone. This solution is important because all classes have independent sets of abilities. Each person can have a maximum of four personality traits – one personal [1] and three provided by you [2]. However, you cannot assign them at the same time. You can choose one ability at a time when a character reaches levels 5, 10 and 15.

You must also keep in mind that all recruited people can die in battle – this condition is permanent, and you cannot change it or resurrect the hero.

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