Today we will consider one of the weapons available to players in New World: sword and shield. And although a sword can be used without a shield, you can’t take a second one in your free hand. Therefore, to deprive yourself of an extra instrument of defense is simply pointless. By the way, this restriction applies to the shield, you can combine it with a sword only. However, the developers emphasize that this state of affairs – a temporary measure (apparently associated with the alpha version of the game).

Pros and cons

Since the combat system in New World is built on physics and hitboxes, which is mainly found only in shooters, any close combat weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the two-handed hammer, being heavy and bulky, strikes slow but strong and has a good scope. But the sword is a short weapon, so it will not be so easy to fight against enemies with spears or axes. And don’t forget that the time of skill recovery in the game is rather long, so every miss will be painful. The main advantages of the sword shield are the high speed of strikes and the ability to repel enemy projectiles. On top of that, the shield will steadily block attacks.

Skills .
Like other weapons, the sword and shield have two branches of development, one of which allows you to deepen the skills of mastering the shield, and the other – the sword. Depending on their preferences, you can mold from the character as a conventional tank, and a warrior. Recall that in NW classless system, and the style of play determines only your weapons.

Shield .

Shield Bash – strikes the shield and stuns the enemy.
Shield Rush – Character lifts the shield and rushes forward, knocking the enemy down on impact.
Last Stand – A character stands on a defensive stand, reducing the damage he receives. The smaller the current health reserve, the greater the incoming damage.

Sword .

Whirling blade [Whirling] – A character strikes enemies nearby with a circular sword.
Reversed stab [Puncture with a U-turn] – Strikes with the sword, then sharply turns around and stabs.
Leaping strike – A character jumps forward and strikes with a powerful weapon.

The swords of Eternum

Weapons in New World Guide: Sword and shield.

Isabella’s Chosen One

You can get it by completing a special task dedicated to this legendary sword;
Combines perks and void damage;
Ideal for PvP.

Weapons in New World Guide: Sword and shield.


It’s created by craftsmen;
+20% to damage while slowed or immobile;
+20% to damage against enemies with negative effects.

Weapons in New World Guide: Sword and shield.


Falls out as a prey from opponents in the high level zone Lower Svikin;
Especially strong against Corrupted.

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