We’ll never see a Diablo 2 remaster. The authors of the original game explain why

The authors of the first two parts of Diablo, Max and Eric Schafer and game-designer David Brevik at the last event of ExileCon 2019 reported that the Diablo 2 remaster is unlikely to happen. That’s because the developers lost the source code and the game’s assemblies at the very last moment.

It’s all gone. We were supposed to make a backup copy, but we neglected it. We spent two days in a real panic.

Eric Schäfer

Blizzard North was able to recover part of the game from Diablo 2, which developers took home, but important source code and resources were lost forever. That’s why the authors of the franchise believe that now Blizzard won’t make remasters, because they have to create a lot of things anew.

David Brevik and the Schafer brothers worked for Diablo in their studio Condor, which was later bought and became an affiliate of Blizzard North in 1996. According to the developers, the deal with Blizzard literally saved them from financial collapse.

We didn’t pay any taxes on wages. The taxes that we had to withhold from the salaries of our employees and send them to the state. We never did that, we had no money. One morning we came to work and there was a notice in the spirit of “You have three days to pay taxes or you have to go to prison”. It wasn’t easy and really scary. We raised some money, and fortunately the deal that turned us into Blizzard was made in time to save our asses.

Max Schäfer also said that they agreed to make the original Diablo for $300,000, which was “extremely lacking”. Condor Studio was always on the verge of bankruptcy in the development process, so the merger with Blizzard always seemed attractive.

The developers left Blizzard long ago and are now working on their own projects in Runic Games and Graybeard Games.

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