When connecting to a match in Valorant an error “queue disconnected” started to appear? You do not know what it means and how to solve this problem? Read our guide, in which we will answer your questions.

Even popular games like Valorant sometimes have technical problems. Recently, players who are trying to connect to the match have started to make a mistake – “the queue is off”. This means that players can’t connect to the online match and play normally. But what does the error queue is disconnected, and how long will Valorant be unavailable? Read on to solve this problem.

What does it mean the error queue is disabled in Valorant

In Valorant, the disabled queue error appears when the game client cannot contact the game servers. The queue is disabled every time the servers are shut down. Also, this error tends to be detected when there are scheduled server maintenance periods or unplanned server downtime.

When a message comes out, the server queue is disabled, which means that the Valorant servers are disabled and not working. This means that you will not be able to join or create any matches, at least not until the servers are restored and working as usual.

Fortunately, this means that you do not have to try to fix the queue shutdown error. The game will return to normal as soon as the servers return to offline mode. How long this process can take depends on the reason why the servers were shut down first.

Under ideal conditions, Valorant servers will only shut down during scheduled maintenance. If this is the case, you will probably hear about the update via the official Valorant Twitter account. If the update is not mentioned, it is probably best to check if the game servers are experiencing any problems. This is easier to do with sites such as DownDetector. If the problems are reported, the chances are good, this is the reason why the server queue is off.

If this is an unplanned failure, you can return to the game as soon as the developers have solved the problem. In any case, you will have to wait a little bit.

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