Invasion of New World is available for all players above level 50. In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know to understand what is the invasion of New World and why you need to participate in it.

Despite the fact that the invasion of New World is available to players from level 50, you must register to participate in this event. Only 50 players can participate, 10 of which are chosen by the territorial governors.

What is Invasion of New World?
Invasions occur when the Porch becomes too strong in the territory – about every 4 days – and at this point the Defiled besieges the fort. If the fort falls, the settlement loses improvements, such as craft stations or fort improvements.

What is Invasion of the New World

During the invasion, you will encounter 8 waves of Corrupted with different skills and even bosses. Players will have to stop them from breaking through the gates and destroying the claims at the fort. To do this, they will be able to use a number of items that they can buy for combat badges during the siege preparation phase, as well as siege weapons for the fort.

What gives them the opportunity to participate in the New World Invasions?
There are rewards in the form of experience, gold and mining, depending on how many waves the players managed to win.

The most difficult boss in New World

Certain list of mobs participate in invasion, full list of them is presented below:

Infantrymen are not a big threat, but when they dig, they can quickly destroy any target. They are focused on destroying buildings. If they can’t get to one of them, they start to attack the players. After a while, they start to go crazy, dealing fast, intense and increasing damage, and burn themselves out. We recommended that you destroy the Marines as soon as possible.

Raiders are attack troops of the invading forces. They are skilful, hardy and well equipped. They are more than able to behave in hand-to-hand combat. They focus on attacking players, but will attack buildings if there are no players in range.

Snipers retreat and shoot players from a distance. Priority of targets on the shafts and is effective when suppressing turrets. They also dodge, retreat and dodge to avoid attacking players.

Bombers are runners with explosives tied to their backs. They run through the buildings and then explode, causing significant damage. It is strongly recommended to destroy them with long-range combat weapons, because they explode when they die.

Giants are huge clumsy creatures that destroy structures. Sometimes they will attack players who annoy them, but otherwise focus on destroying the defense. The fighters are very strong and require several players to win.

The bosses can be different. Some of them are focused on destroying buildings, while others are focused on attacking players. In addition, some of them put buffs on other invading forces or weaken the players.

That’s all we know about the invasion of New World, read more about the game in our other Guides:

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