We continue to answer questions on The Last of Us 2 in our gaming guide series. In this guide we want to tell you what song Joel plays for Ellie on guitar in The Last of Us 2.

When The Last of Us 2 starts, we get to know Joel and Tommy again, where they live in Wyoming and what Ellie does. Then Joel gives Ellie the guitar, but first he plays a song on it. If you’re trying to find the real version, here’s all you need to know about what song Joel plays for Ellie at the beginning of The Last of Us 2.

The scene starts with Ellie listening to the song she is playing in the original The Last of Us 2 trailer. It’s “Through the Valley” by Sean James, which was quite an unknown song at the time. The song that Joel plays is a bit better known, but certainly not to everyone.

What kind of song does Joel play for Ellie on guitar

The song he plays is Future Days by Pearl Jam. While Joel’s actor, Troy Baker, can sing very well in real life, the song Pearl Jam is a great choice as the voice of Eddie Vedder is quite easy to imitate and Joel himself is not known as a singer.

Lightning Bolt, the album that features the song Future Days, was released in October 2013, so the timing is interesting. In 2013 The Last of Us 2 was released, that’s when the infection outbreak was supposed to start. If Joel knows this song, the event should have happened closer to the end of 2013.

If you want to listen to the original to see how it differs from Joel’s version, you can do it below:

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