Knowing what to buy first in Resident Evil Village can give new players a big advantage early in the game and prepare them for further battles. However, choosing the best first item from the Duke merchant can be tricky, as he offers a huge amount of equipment and resources to help Ethan survive the journey in RE8. Here’s what you need to know about what to spend your money on first in Resident Evil 8.

What to buy first in Resident Evil Village – which weapons are best?
The best first item to buy in Resident Evil Village is a recipe for shotgun ammo.

Players who have thoroughly searched the territory of the village in search of loot and treasure, as well as picked up crystal skulls and other valuable items dropped by the enemies, should have a sum of 3000 lei.

By first buying a recipe for shotgun ammunition, players can combine common resources to create ammunition for one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The shotgun is great for fighting stronger enemies waiting in the castle.

Another great item you can buy at the beginning of the game is an extra inventory slot for 10,000 lei. A shotgun enhancement for 8,000 lei is also a great option.

Ammo and healers are commonplace in the castle. It’s not recommended to buy them first, unless you’re playing at a higher level of difficulty, where every first aid kit and ammo counts.

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