You don’t know what to do if the CBT version of New World doesn’t show up in Steam. In this small guide we will tell you what you can do to make the ZbT version appear in your Steam library.

Since the zbt version of New World is due out today, you can do the following if you can’t see the client is not showing up in your Steam library.

The team has previously posted some useful steps to Twitter, indicating what you can do if you don’t see the client. Here’s what you can try:

Make sure the game is not “Hidden” by going to the top of the Steam page, selecting “View” and then “Hidden Games”.

If the client is not in the “Hidden Games” section, you may also need to clear the cache of Steam downloads.

Completely exit the Steam client (including the taskbar), then restart and re-enter Steam.

We remind you that the old density test client will not work in this preview. In addition, the preview, which starts today, will not have any confidentiality agreements. You will be able to share any content you wish.

The CBT version of New World is available from September 25-5, 2020. Read more in other guides on the game:

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