GTA 5 Online offers a wealth of offers in the multiplayer world. Well, the next installment of the game – GTA 6 is yet to come but if you are new to GTA 5 then we are going to show you what you should definitely try. So here, we are going to show you a selection with exciting content that you should definitely try out.

Ride in Transformation Races

The transformation races in GTA Online are a good opportunity for you to experience the various facets of online races. In the races, you start with a certain vehicle class like cars. Then your vehicle turns into a boat, helicopter, plane, jet ski, bicycle, or motorcycle during a lap.

Such races usually go over several laps. As a result, you get to know the driving and flight behavior of the various vehicles in a playful way and you don’t have to steal it from the online world. In addition, the races are usually a lot of fun.

Visit the Casino

The casino is probably a dream for anyone who loves gambling. In GTA Online you will find one-armed bandits, horse racing, blackjack, poker, and more. So, it’s really worth it if you like such games. The game is played with the in-game currency “tokens.”If you are a fan of real casino games then you can check the best casino reviews and other such games on reputed real online casinos.

Heists with Friends

Heists are the big co-op activities in GTA Online that you can play with 2 to 4 players. It is all about teamwork. First, you play missions to prepare the Heist. In the grand finale, you pull through the robbery and bag a lot of money.We recommend this because you will learn important tactical aspects of GTA Online. The use of cover and the refilling of armor play a role. If you turn up the difficulty, you must not die, otherwise, the mission will fail for all participants. So here you get to know the serious part of GTA Online.

If you are brand new to GTA Online, it is recommended to play with experienced friends and to have everything shown. As in other multiplayer games, the co-op experience as a beginner paired with random, experienced players is rather difficult.

Sports Challenges Against Other Players

Sure, in GTA Online, the focus is on shotguns, assault rifles, and other guns. The various racing modes are closely followed. But the online world has more to offer you.If you’ve played GTA 4, you probably remember that Cousin Roman often wanted to play bowling with you. There are similar leisure activities in GTA Online, which you can practice with random opponents or friends.

Tennis, darts, golf, the flight school, the shooting range, and also arm wrestling are some interesting sports activities. The activities are designed in detail and apart from shooting, they really put you in a good mood. If you want to see GTA Online in all its colors, then you should definitely take part in these activities.

Tune Your Favorite Car

Already in the story of GTA 5, there are many cars available that you can freely tune according to your wishes. Be it Michael’s car or his wife’s cart, which you should adjust visually in one of the first missions.GTA Online is constantly expanding its fleet and bringing you lots of sportscars, muscle cars, motorcycles, and more to the car dealers. Because the selection is so large,each of you should find a favorite. Whether this is a super sports car that reminds of classy

Ferraris or a tabby desert buggy with which you want to board on the beach. There is something for everybody. Something that you can do in your new world.

So, you gradually design your dream car and can then use it in missions or in the open world with other players. But keep in mind that for some tuning parts like the Turbo you have to have completed a certain level or a certain number of races in order to unlock it.

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