You will often take prisoners after the battle, but what about the prisoners in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord? In this guide, we explain how to buy out and sell the prisoners so that you can earn yourself extra money. After all, you don’t need extra mouths.

Assuming that you kill bandits, looters and thugs, you should not worry too much about the fate of those you catch. In any case, you will be happy to hear that prisoners of all kinds and varieties can be exchanged for the much needed dinars.

You can check the number of prisoners by highlighting the silhouette icon in the lower right corner, the party icon. This tells you how many soldiers are in your group, how many are wounded, and right below how many prisoners you are currently holding. Once you have prisoners, you need to find a big city.

Small farms and villages where you usually recruit soldiers and buy grain will not fit. It has to be a big, big castle, a big city, something bigger than the ordinary manors you see around. All the big cities and castles in Bannerlord have a Tavern. This is where you have to go.

When you visit the city, choose “Tavern Area”. After that, do not go to the tavern. Instead, you want to choose the “Ransom your prisoners” option. This will sell all of your held prisoners for the dinar amount in parentheses. So I got 10 dinars for these tattered looters I caught in the fields next door. That’s five dinars apiece. Not much money, but hopefully more valuable troops will be captured later. If the option of selling prisoners is not available in the tavern, you have no prisoners…

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