A brand new VALORANT tactical shooter from Riot Games will be released this summer. The developers have also announced a closed beta testing of the game. So what to expect from the VALORANT beta test, scheduled for early April?

It won’t be easy to access the beta test. Developers will selectively give access to the game on their own strings. That’s why everyone will have to tie their Twitch to their Riot account and follow the live broadcasts, which will start very soon.

Game Mode
Currently, only one mode available in the VALORANT beta test is known: the installation of a bomb. As in CS: GO, one command sets the bomb while the other command protects the place of explosion. The mode includes 24 rounds

In beta testing, players will be given access to all ten characters, eight of which are fully represented by fans. Each agent will have an initial set of abilities, which expands as the achievements. In addition, the abilities can be bought for in-game currency. The agent is selected before the match starts, and it is impossible to change it in the course of the match.


What to expect from the VALORANT beta test? Guide

It is reported that two cards will be available in beta testing: Haven and Bind. The first one consists of three points to set the bomb, and the second one contains two teleports that move players between captives. However, the teleporter makes a lot of noise, so the defending players will be able to hear the opponents’ movements.

As far as we know, the beta test will only be available to PC users. However, the information is subject to change.

Available weapons

What to expect from the VALORANT beta test? Guide

The beta test will present the full range of weapons. Each round of players will have the opportunity to buy devices and extra equipment. In addition, in the course of the round a player can pick up devices from timmeits and opponents.

So far there is no information about the duration of beta testing. However, the release date is still set for the summer 2020.

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