Monthly game distribution for PS Plus subscribers. It’s the same every month – a few weeks before the end of the month, rumours are circulating about which games will be distributed. Usually there will be one AAA game and one indie game. We dare to assume that they will be giving away in May.

What will be in PS Plus in May 2020, we’re trying to guess…

God of War

One of the best games on PlayStation 4 and the 2018 game, God of War, may well be the game that PS Plus subscribers will receive next month. The games in the series have already been distributed, for example, in August 2015 subscribers could get God of War Ascension and, in general, Santo Monica is in good relations with Sony and they could definitely agree to cooperate.


Another outstanding game in 2018, the Celeste hardcore platformer, could be the very indie game that PS Plus owners will receive. The game has already been distributed for free in the Epic Games Store, which means that, most likely, the developers have already earned enough money from this game and just want as many players as possible to try Celeste and they have a good impression, and the inclusion of the game in the distribution of PS Plus – a great solution to this request. So we can assume that next month subscription owners will have to buy a couple of additional gamepads as well, because who knows what will happen when you fall off the platform again.

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