As a fan of games and books, I prayed for the first season of The Witcher by Netflix, and even more. Not a bad casting, combined with equally good acting and a faithful adaptation of short stories and novels created by Andrzej Sapkowski, led me to turn on the TV.

Despite the fact that I liked the series, the show did not do without flaws. And although they may not have been huge, the mistakes made should be corrected in season two … unless we want a similar situation in our hands, like a game of thrones.

3 things that urgently need to be improved in season two of The Witcher

Rhythmicity and chronology

I’ll be the first to admit that while many enjoyed different time frames, the rhythm of the first season of “Witcher” was a bit strange. Even with the anticipation of knowing when and what will happen (thanks to reading books), there were many cases where I questioned the chronological order of the show.

For a long time, I thought that Jennefer and Heralt’s time schedule was parallel. In fact, they were three separate periods of time that mixed from time to time.

And I know that the readers of the books were even more puzzled when the plot reached later episodes causing much confusion and slowing down the pace of the season.

In the second season, avoiding three different time periods and memories will certainly help make the process less confusing.

CGI and graphics

CGI is always hard to rely on. When it works well, like in the Game of Thrones, it looks fantastic but drains the budget for the show.

When it doesn’t work properly or has inadequate funding, it looks unnatural and can ruin the atmosphere.

For the most part, the Witcher doesn’t rely heavily on CGI. Instead, he focuses more on stunt tricks.

According to producer Lauren Schmidt, it was deliberate because they avoid using CGI to make things more authentic.

But sometimes, the CGI that’s available looks too horrible. In particular, I mean the Golden Dragon scene, in the sixth episode. CGI was so bad that it looked more like the Polish adaptation of the 2001 Hexer books.

Fighting and Choreography

The first episode of “The Witcher” set a good standard for his combat choreography.

And the fight with Kikimora, and the one with Renfrey and her gang – was excellent, with a wide scope and cool movements.

As the season progressed, the battles got worse and worse. Jumping and other lazy editing techniques, combined with things like Jennefer using a sword instead of magic, really began to upset.

Next season, you need to fix this and be more compatible with what real battles look like and how the characters in the fight according to their personalities.

Give me more dirty battles in the swamps with Kikimores and calculated battles with swords, as well as less typical close-up sword battles, perhaps.

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