Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally released, and it provides additional screen time for many classic characters of the original game. Of course, Aerit, Tifa, Barrett and Cloud are the focus of attention, but even smaller characters like Biggs, Wedge and Jesse also have time to show themselves. Jesse is very excited to be alone with Cloud in the early stages of the game, and she even invites him on a date, offering to return “tomorrow night”. So what is Jesse’s answer to the offer of a date in Final Fantasy 7 Remake: “I can’t promise” or “It won’t happen”?

So, as we mentioned above, Jesse is a huge flirtation at the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Except that she’s sociable, straightforward and simply of the opposite sex, she’s clearly in love with Claude and doesn’t hide it. Absolutely – he is tall, mysterious and handsome, so you can understand his appeal.

After a certain moment of the game you will go home with Wedge and will be able to check on Jesse. Wedge will warn Klaud about Jesse, that it’s only “game”, but you will check it anyway.

Jesse will ask you, and you will have a rare dialog with your choice. You can tell her “I can’t promise” or “It won’t happen.” Unfortunately, if you’re a big fan of Jesse’s, you’re gonna have to deal with Cloud’s cooked-up personality. “I can’t promise” is the closest thing you’ll get to a positive decision in this situation. If you’re not interested, just choose “It won’t happen.”

Even more unfortunate, thus, the way further Final Fantasy 7 Remake events will unfold after this scene, this date will not be destined to happen, no matter what you choose. Cloud and Jesse are going to do something very important romantic meeting tomorrow.

However, if you want Jesse to continue to be a little more flirty (just for fun), say “I can’t promise”. And Jesse will be thrilled with that answer.

We hope that this material has answered your question about what to choose as Jesse’s answer to the offer of a date in Final Fantasy 7 Remake: “I can’t promise” or “It won’t happen”? If you are looking for more tips and guides on the game, we recommend you to look through our other texts on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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