Call of Duty Warzone was released recently, and has already become a favorite Royal battle for many players. In Modern Warfare came out the third season, which brought new content and for free Warzone. In this article you will find out what new appeared in the third season of Call of Duty Warzone.

What’s new in season three of Call of Duty Warzone is a new mode, maps and characters.

Of course, the most important innovations are the cards, which include the iconic Talsik Backlot from Modern Warfare, and the four-man team mode, rather than three as it used to be. Below you can find a full list of new content:
New Game Mode;
Changing the location of the Loot;
Increasing weapons with a silencer;
A new combat pass;
New character – Alex from Modern Warfare;
Skins for cars;
Raising the price of a lute dump by 1500 – now it costs 10,000.
In addition, Activision has also worked on fixing key and most important bugs and errors that players have had. So, if you couldn’t run Call of Duty Warzone before, or had a problem with the game, you can try to get back in it – it’s possible that your bug was fixed.

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