After seven long years of waiting and several tedious rescheduling, The Last of Us 2 is finally available to players. In this article you will learn what the tattoos on Ellie’s arm mean.

What the tattoo on Ellie’s arm in The Last of Us 2 means.

Since the first trailer of the game, which was shown back in 2016, fans have been thinking about what the tattoo on Ellie’s arm means. And so, when The Last of Us 2 finally came out, many people hope to find out the answer to this question. However, they may be disappointed as there is no unambiguous answer for the players.

Neil Drachman commented on the fan theories. He said that the tattoo has a use – it hides the place of Ellie’s bite. In the first part, she was made clear that she would have a lot of problems because of the bite, so the tattoo is actually a great solution.

The tattoo itself shows a moth, which the developers liked because of its resemblance to the cicada, after which a detachment of revolutionaries is named. What’s more, the tattoo is a symbol of death and coercion.

Moreover, it symbolizes care and, to some extent, kinship relationship between Ellie and Joel in the past. This symbol is also engraved on Ellie’s guitar, a gift from Joel.

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