Crucible from Amazon Games is a new team shooter that combines many other genres such as MOBA and Battle Royal. If you try the free shooter in Steam, you’ll probably notice that your character is making steady progress. Maybe you were wondering what is the maximum level in Crucible. The answer to this question, you will find out in this article.

What is the maximum level in Crucible?

As we said before, Crucible takes a lot from the MOBA genre. So, during the matches you constantly pump your character to the most powerful, so you can reset your progress and start all over again.

So the developers made an endless cycle, that will allow you to experiment with the character’s setting. In other words, there is no maximum level in Crucible.

We can’t answer it well or badly. One thing is for sure – this solution can allow professional players to have spectacular matches in the future, because it will probably affect the balance.

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