Halo is probably one of the few truly great game series. It is thanks to her that Xbox has become the platform that it is today. Therefore, it is quite obvious that players are finally looking forward to playing Halo 6, the release of which has been officially confirmed on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. In this article, we will tell you when the Halo Infinite is about to come out.

When Halo 6 will be released, it’s an estimated release date for Halo Infinite.

At the moment there is no exact release date for Halo 6, but we know that it should be in 2020. A whole year is a huge time span, luckily we can narrow it down.

It’s no accident that we wrote that the game is confirmed for Xbox Series X. Typically, previous Microsoft consoles were released around November, and the Series X may continue that tradition.

The release dates for Xbox consoles:
Xbox – November 15, 2001;
Xbox 360 – 22 November 2005;
Xbox One on November 22nd, 2013.
It would be logical for Microsoft to release Halo Infinite simultaneously with Xbox Series X in order to increase the game’s sales, and in general, it is a common marketing move. In any case, we will most likely find out the exact release date in summer, for E3 2020.

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