A recent leak from the Valve News Network, the YouTube channel and the Valve fan site suggests that the development of Left 4 Dead 3 may be resumed. Nothing official has been confirmed so far, but a hint may suffice for fans of the show.

Left 4 Dead game popularized the genre of “survival from fast-moving zombies”, which has become popular and spawned several similar games in the past few years. However, like in many Valve games, the series had problems with counting to 3.

In the past, there were various rumors that Valve was working on the third part of the series, but nothing happened about them in the following years, though they were not officially disproved by Valve.

However, despite all the news around the Half-Life announcement: Alyx, VNN claims that Valve can make Left 4 Dead 3 a game for VR.

Such a decision is likely to cause a storm of indignation among many fans because virtual reality systems are still very expensive, and most gamers don’t really have room to use them. Left 4 Dead is first of all a multiplayer game.
However, again, we didn’t receive the official message from Valve about the process of Left 4 Dead 3 game creation. Although this may happen in the future or will be announced at E3 or some other event, at the moment it’s not clear whether the development of Left 4 Dead 3 is back or not.

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