The lockdown led to the transformation of various sectors, and video games were among the industries that changed significantly. For some gamers, spending several hours playing games for fun became a thing of the past.

For some people, the growth of the esports industry has changed gaming from a favorite pastime to a career. However, what has been happening over the last year goes even further. Games like The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Crypto Kitties have developed a new digital market, transforming entertainment into cash.

This transformation is not only because developers sell millions of copies but because blockchain technology has made cryptocurrencies a focal point of these games. As a result, more and more gamers are playing games for cash on Bitcoin Dice, which allows you to enjoy casino games using digital coins.

Besides playing casino games using cryptos, Axie Infinity is also at the top of this digital revolution. Axie Infinity understands how the budding economic activity works, operating like Pokemon, where players collect, feed, train, buy, and trade “axis.” These characters can be obtained using small love portions and can be transformed into crypto coins called Smooth Love Portions (SLP). Players can trade these coins on the digital market, earning around $470 per day for top players.

In Axie Infinity, the players can buy and sell these digital characters because they’re converted to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These tokens carry a unique value in ETH, the second most popular Crypto coin after Bitcoin. Players can also trade the axis for in-game items like homes, flowers, and barrels.

Previously, players had to pay to gain access to play games without gaining any economic value. This logic has shifted in the blockchain era as casinos like and game publishers are sharing the value created. Today, you can create a token and share it with the whole gaming community (other players).

How Other Gamers are Making Money

Besides playing blockchain-based games, subscriptions on platforms like Twitch and YouTube are the most straightforward way that players are earning an income. Similar to YouTube, Twitch is a gaming streaming service that’s free to watch for most viewers, although subscribers can pay a five-dollar fee. The fee gives the viewers extra perks like watching previous streams and accessing custom emojis used in the Twitch Chat. That helps in getting more attention from the streamer.

While these subscriptions are a straightforward way to earn cash, the money doesn’t get evenly distributed to every streamer. For a streamer to get subscribers, he needs to become a “partnered subscriber,” which is not an easy feat. That requires certain monthly views on average and a specific number of people willing to become followers before Twitch agrees to pay for the content you offer.

Streamers on Twitch receive a flat fee from subscriptions every month based on the number of viewers. This number can vary wildly every month, although that’s just the base income. The best way for players to earn money on Twitch is by receiving donations and tips. The tips are beneficial to new streamers and help them improve their equipment while making their lives easier.

For players who aren’t partnered, tips are the only source of income where people send you the money through Paypal, thanks to the entertainment. However, this concept might be difficult for some people to comprehend, as not everyone understands why people should send others cash to play video games.

People often tip streamers for giving them hours of entertainment and the joy they get from players, especially the good ones, and it is worth voluntary monetary contributions. That’s because some people in the world are quite rich and enjoy seeing the streamers’ reaction when they get huge tips. Others also like to give small tips for the streamer to read out their messages on the screen. That shows that everything comes down to interaction, as the streamers are sure to thank the people who donate.

These donations aren’t easy to predict, but a streamer can expect to get a particular volume per stream or month, depending on their number of viewers and subscribers. Established players even organize live meet-ups to interact with their fans and snap pictures together, with some fans donating more to get autographs.

Other miscellaneous revenue sources in the gaming industry include selling caps, t-shirts, and other paraphernalia. Some players also have companies sponsoring them, and these sponsors pay the streamers to endorse their brand or simply become associated with someone popular. However, the ad revenue doesn’t bring in a lot of cash unless you have a huge viewer count. Fortunately, the partners don’t control these adverts besides choosing what time they’ll run for.

The key for players to make a livable income is to use all these available revenues as the viewers don’t give cash because of the game but the personality. When they pay, they’re paying for extras as the content is given for free. Some fans donate more for publicity, but the loyal ones will give cash regularly.

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