Because of the coronavirus COVID-19, most of the population, who are worried about their own health and the condition of their loved ones, stayed home. That’s why the majority of players have already passed those games that once lacked time and now they are waiting for a classic summer sale in Steam.

According to the leak, Valve reports that the summer sale in 2020 will be held in Steam from June 25 to July 9 – players will have two whole weeks to buy something new.

Typically, the dates of all recent major sales in Steam appeared on the Internet a few months before they began and were true.

If you are a new user in Steam and do not understand why many players are waiting so much for a sale in the store, then we will try to explain to you this phenomenon. The fact is that at these sales almost all games have large discounts. In addition, discounts appear on pre-orders, so it is possible that you can buy Cyberpunk 2077 at a discounted price before its release.

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