New team shooter from Riot Games, creator of League of Legends, Valorant has already become incredibly popular. One of the few disadvantages of the game at the moment is that its closed beta is only on PC, so not all users can try it. We’re not just talking about Mac or consoles, we’re talking about mobile devices as well. In this article you will find out when Valorant is released on the phones.

When Valorant comes out on Apple IOS and Android phones.

Riot Games hasn’t officially announced Valorant on iOS yet, but it doesn’t mean that the game won’t appear in Apple App Store in the future.

So, in a recent interview, development director of Valorant, Joe Ziegler, said that the studio is exploring different platforms, including consoles and mobile devices, but at the moment all forces are focused on the version of the game for PC.

The same goes for the Android port of the game. We don’t have an exact release date for the game on Android, but we assume that they will be released simultaneously.

If you are even interested in the approximate release date of the game for mobile devices, then we are setting it to 2021, when Riot Games will completely polish the PC version. Though, Riot may be so confident in its abilities, that the open beta, which will take place in summer, will be available on the phones.

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