As part of one of Koa’s tasks, you will need to bring shells and a book to the lighthouse. Below we will tell you how to get the last one.

This part of the main assignment will be available upon arrival at Calis. When you first approach the old lady from the lighthouse, she’ll refuse to talk to you. First you need to complete a couple of other NPC quests from the island. Open the map and you will see the location of Pilly, Caleb, Noho, Brram, Edegan and Onzo. Before you can find an affair, you must complete the first tasks of Bram and Edegan. Your magazine should have tasks related to the search for two shells and a novel. Shells are easy to find because they’re on shore.

After completing Edegan’s quest, talk to Onzo. He won’t show up in his place until after Edegan’s mission! Talk to Onzo at the city market. Next to Pilly. You’ll find out that he’s an adventurer who has advice on Mara’s world. Talk to him to get the book. Then you can go to the lighthouse and talk to Saimaa.

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