Where can you find upgrades for abilities in Atlas Fallen?

In the game Atlas Fallen, upgrades for abilities can be essential for progressing through different stages and making your character more powerful. Luckily, there are several places where these upgrades can be found in the game.

The first place to look for upgrades is at upgrade stations which are scattered throughout the game’s world. These stations allow you to spend resources such as credits or materials to increase the power and effectiveness of your abilities. Upgrades at these stations typically fall into two categories – general upgrades which can be applied across all abilities, and specific upgrades which are tailored towards individual abilities.

Another option for finding ability upgrades is by defeating enemies and bosses in combat. Some enemies drop resources that can then be used to purchase or craft new ability enhancements. Boss battles often have unique rewards that may include powerful ability enhancements that cannot be found anywhere else.

Exploring different areas of Atlas Fallen’s world will also lead you to discovery of new zones with hidden secrets and treasures including rare ability enhancements, so it’s important not only focus on what missions are currently active but also explore beyond them.

Certain characters within the game may also offer quests or challenges in exchange of rewards including ability enhancements upon completion. Keep an eye out while exploring areas off main story routes as some characters might not appear on main city centers.

In summary, it’s possible find a plentiful amount of ability upgrade options if you scour combat floors searching for dropped loot from defeated foes, search various locations during exploration off main paths/routes , visit Upgrade Stations sepcifically created applying sectioned credits/resources accordingly , complete quests by talking with differing NPCs . These actions will help you get even stronger as you progress further into Atlas Fallen’s thrilling worlds!

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