On one of your Summer in Mara assignments, you’ll need ink. For them, you have to catch a squid. Below we will tell you where to go to get squid and create ink.

We need the ink for the early quests of the game. First you will receive a task for which you will receive the first ink. But then you’ll be contacted by a banker who asks you to return the previously used ink. You can buy them, but it’s not cheap. So why not make them yourself?

Follow the main storyline to open new areas. Off the coast of Kalis, in the northwest there is a place for fishing in the ocean. Get on the boat and go there. Interact with this place to start catching squid.

Add some extra thread. Catching squid is difficult, so it will take time to catch it. Shrimp should be used as bait. On your home island there is a bucket of shrimp (they constantly appear in it).

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