Mayo’s going to make a quest to get her some fish. In this guide, we will tell you where to catch perch and catfish. This will complete one of the game’s tasks.

Although catfish and perch are needed for the Mayo assignment, fishing in Summer in Mara is a useful activity. Fish is needed for many recipes, several quests. You can sell it for money. Always check the baits used. The bait has to be picked up each time, depending on the situation.

The perch, for starters. Look for him in Puni Cave. When you arrive in this area, you will see an elevation that cannot be climbed. Follow a boat through the pond to find the cave. There is a lot of ore for ingots as well as a place to catch perch. The worm should be used as bait.

As for catfish, they can be caught east of Calis, on the Iron Island. There is a place for fishing in the sea in this area. Go up to him and catch some fish. There’ll be catfishes here too. You need silkworm for a catfish. You can buy that bait in town.

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