Some quest chests require keys. In this guide we will tell you where to find all types of keys in Summer in Mara. Includes regular, silver and gold, so you can open any locked chests that can either be dug out or found directly on the surface of the location.

Litio will send you on a quest for some treasure. There’s a woman on the beach in town who will ask to find a lost bag. Turns out your cat friend, who works in the restaurant, stole and buried the bag. No matter if you dig up the bag or go after the treasure of Lithio, you will likely find the container locked. And you’re gonna have to get it. When you are in close proximity to a locked chest, you will see a picture of the right key.

You need to go to the Puni Cave. After you finish some of Koa’s quests, the old lady from the lighthouse will give you the card. It will allow access to more areas available for research. The Puni Cave is west of Kalis.

When you arrive at the Pune Cave, look for a dinosaur-like icon on the map. This is Pirate Lithio. He sells regular and silver keys. In rare cases, you may need a gold key. Usually during a treasure hunt. Go back to Lithio at this point and talk to him. He will give a quest by asking to buy some fruits and vegetables, saying he will give a gold key as a reward.

You can then buy the keys, but usually the reward that is contained inside the container fully covers the cost of the key. And more often than not, it makes a profit.

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