A merchant in Valheim is a useful little merchant who will sell you unique items and even buy your valuable goods. In this guide you will learn where to find a merchant.

The world of Valheim is full of mysterious things, but one constant you can rely on is the merchant. This dwarf merchant, known as Haldor, offers various items for purchase and will also be more than happy to buy valuable items that you may have collected during your walkthrough.

Where to Find a Merchant in Valheim
The Haldor merchant seems to appear in the Black Forest in Valheim. It is unknown at this point if he only appears in one place, but I can tell you that he appeared on my starting island. To find the merchant, you will need to start exploring the Black Forest locations. When you get close to him, a little bag icon will appear on your map. The radius for this is actually quite large – I was floating around the perimeter of my island when the badge appeared deep in the woods.

If the merchant isn’t on your starting island, you’ll need to search other nearby islands until you find it. Alternatively, you can start a new server using a starting number that has a merchant in a good location.

When you manage to find Haldor’s merchant, you can buy various items from him for gold coins. These are coins you can collect from enemies, dungeons (such as the ones where you find iron ) and other sources. He will also buy amber, rubies and other valuable items from you.

Create a portal near Haldor so that you can quickly reach him from your home base. Surtling cores are required to create portals.

What you can buy from a merchant

Haldor’s merchant has several items that you can buy from him for gold coins. These prices are quite high, so it’s a good idea to spend some time collecting gold coins and selling valuables.

Players just starting their journey in Valheim should not immediately look for Haldor’s merchant. His wares are quite expensive, and his location is often difficult to find. However, if you have a good supply of resources, and items such as a fishing rod and Megingjord to help you survive and explore the game’s world, then feel free to go in search of the merchant. Also be sure to check out our tips for newcomers to survival.

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