Where to find a pet Bogling in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the Bogling is an unusual pet that can be found on the planet Bogano. Once you find him, your ship will be his new home. It will appear in different compartments of the starship, constantly pleasing you with its cute look and playful character. If you do not know where to find this creature, then learn our guide.

How to find Bogling and make him a new companion
You will be able to get yourself this amazing pet on the Bogano, but only after you leave the planet and return to it, during the first visit to the world,the right Bogling can not be found

After landing on the landing site, leave the ship and follow the road on the right side. Go down the slope and enter the cave under the ship’s platform. You will see a small creature running through a broken metal door. Break the door and interact with the creature so that it joins your team.

Where to find Bogling on a spaceship

After you meet the Bogling, he will go to the Mantis and appear in different sections of the ship from time to time. He’s pretty shy, so you may not even notice him appearing.

So far, we’ve only found it in two places, but it’s likely to appear in other locations as well.

The first time he was sitting in the vent above the flower bed next to the terrarium, and the second time he was looking out from under the pantry.

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