Weapons in Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139… plays a very important role in the playthrough. You need to find 33 weapon samples to get all the endings. In this guide, we will talk about each weapon and where to find them.

There are 33 weapons to find in Nier Replicant, scattered throughout both halves of the game. Some of them you’ll get by story (you can’t miss them), some as rewards for side quests, and others you’ll have to buy from blacksmiths.

In this Nier Replicant guide, we’ll talk about how Nier Replicant weapons and endings are related, talk a bit about how it works, and then list each available sample and where to find them. Remember that you can improve any weapon by enhancing the purpose of the Word.

Endings and Weapons
The three Nier Replicant endings–namely, endings C, D, and E–require that you collect all 33 weapons.

However, once you complete the first half of the game – let’s call it Part 1 – you cannot return or complete any side quests from the first half. This means you have to make sure you’ve completed everything you need to before you can continue.

Weapons in Nier Replicant.
More importantly, you will need to collect all of the weapons listed below before moving on to the second half of the Nier Replicant remake.

Weapon Types in Nier Replicant
There are a total of three weapon types in Nier Replicant: one-handed, two-handed, and spears. Let’s break down each of these types.

One-handed weapons
The one-handed weapon in Nier Replicant is available to you in the first half of the game. It’s the fastest weapon, but does low damage. One-handed weapons focus on direction, limiting themselves to sprawling attacks.

Where to Find All One Handed Weapons
Now let’s see where to find all one-handed weapons:

The Nameless Blade is the default starting weapon. Not to be missed.

Lily Leaf Sword – Sold from the village blacksmith for 2400 gold.

Dagger of Nirvana – can be found in the Lost Sanctuary. Find the chest on the scaffolding on your way to the outer staircase.

Moonrise – The reward for saving the guards of the Southern Plains. This event is part of the story and should not be missed.

Rebirth – a reward from the Prince of Facade. This task is part of the story, and should not be skipped.

Earth Serpent’s Claw – Sold from the Blacksmith of Facades for 8,400 gold pieces.

Blade of Treachery – can be found in the Haunted Manor. Search the chest just before the boss.

Bistiban – Sold from the Blacksmith of the Village and Coast location for 16,800 gold.

Faith – A reward from the mayor of the Mythos Forest. This is another story event not to be missed.

The Ancient Overlord is another award given by the Prince of Facade. This event is also part of the main story and should not be missed.

Dagger of the Phoenix – Sold from the blacksmith on the waterfront for 31,200 gold.

Whisper of the Labyrinth – the reward for completing the side quest “Bridge in Danger”. The second part of the side quest. Defeat the Shadow on the South Plains Bridge.

The Iron Tube is the reward for completing the Magic Stone side quest.

Talk to the NPC at the entrance to the Forest of Myths, Popolla, to learn more.

Two-handed Weapons
Two-handed weapons in Nier Replicant are very slow, but deal far more damage than one-handed weapons, and are also good at dealing with groups of enemies.

Spears in Nier Replicant are somewhere between one-handed and two-handed weapons. They are faster than two-handed weapons and deal more damage than one-handed weapons. However, spears have directional attacks and are useless against groups of enemies. However, they have a favorable range of attack, which allows you to deal damage much earlier.

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