Creepy dolls will give constant buffs to all members of your squad. We tell you how to get them.

Dummy number 1. Damage from explosives +5%. In a container in the museum of the Rangers’ Headquarters.
Doll № 2. +1 to perception. In the Garden of the Gods, in a hidden passage on the left, which leads to the computer (you can reprogram it to attack the enemies).
Doll #3. +15 to the build. Outside the Curiosities. In the bag to the right of the bridge leading to the smugglers.
Dummy number 4. +1 to the penetration. The bunker of the Army of Monsters. In the cinema, where there are 3 large robots and a film for one of the side quests.
Doll № 5. +5% to animal damage. In the ruins of Denver, in the Hipper White House. look for a container in a locked room to the left of the entrance.
Doll #6. +5% to energy damage. In the Denver Machine Commune. Follow the blue line, go outside, but before climbing to the Machine Intelligence Tower turn left. Look in the snowdrift.
Dummy number 7. +5% to animal damage. In a bunker near Broadmoor Heights. Open when you take the quest “Field Commanders”. Walk to the left in the gallery. The path to the right leads to the character to be released.
Quest number 8. +0.5 seconds to delay detection. Ministry of Energy, top of the map. Next to the mines and vending machine in the corridor of the first room where you kill robots.
Quest #9. +10% to healing. Aspen, in the bunker area where you find four lockers and robots.
Doll #10. +5% to the damage in close combat. In Aspen, near the cage in which the person lying (if the hostages are not killed). Apartment 2, in the right corridor with a flow of poison.
Doll #11. +2% to critical damage. Hotel “Snezhnaya”, in the yard with boars to the right of the location, in the snow.
Doll № 12. +5% to the damage of a hidden attack. Ranch of farmers. Near the tomb of Larry, after the murder of the bosses.
Doll #13. +5% to the damage against the mutants. Abandoned oil well. After the disappearance of the strange creatures and the Tesla coil.
Doll #14. +5% to the resistance of the critics. Yuma County, a wind farm. Behind the shrine of the Bozhelov. In a chest surrounded by mines.
Doll № 15. +5% to the initiative. Racing track district Yuma. In a locker with explosives (level 8). In the room where you stand up to Liberty Buccinen. Collision with Liberty – point of no return. So by this point, gather all the other dolls.

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