The shells in Mortal Shell are a kind of character classes that the protagonist can switch between. Below we tell you where to find them.

The first shell will be found immediately after the prologue, when you leave the cave. Go forward and to the left. This is the shell of Harros, the most balanced character with roughly the same endurance and health.

The next shell can be found in the cave opposite the Tower of Folgrim. This tower is your central hub. Go out of it through the door, walk into the cave in front, bypassing the traps, and kill Grisha. When you do that, go down slightly to the left of the chest, sneak through a hole in the wall and kill the enemy. There will be a new shell in this adit.

Next you need to get to the Folgrim area. When you do that on your way to the abandoned halls, stay in a location with a bonfire and the first two enemies (there will be a third, the executioner, nearby). Walk on the water to the rock on the right, smash the boards and sneak into the cave. You’ll need to kill the extra boss. After he dies, you can take the shell.

Eredrim’s last shell, which has the highest KP reserves, you’ll find before you enter the Eternal Vestibule. There are many monoliths in front of the entrance to this huge citadel. One of them is supported by a dying warrior.

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