Where to Find All Towers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a popular action role-playing game that offers an expansive world to explore. One of the essential aspects of this game is finding and locating all the towers scattered across Hyrule. These towers act as key points for unlocking new regions, Shrine quests, and offering fast travel options. In this article, we will guide you through all the locations where you can find these towers.

1. Central Tower:

The first tower in Tears of the Kingdom is situated in Great Plateau’s center overlooking Temple Of Time region’s center point. It acts as a stable location for Fast Travel and marks out Yah Rin Shrine quest location.

2. Hateno Tower:

The second tower location on your map is eastward from Kakariko Village and north-westward to Tarrey Town on Dueling Peaks’ hillsides Region surrounding East Necluda area.

3. Lake Tower:

Players can find this one in Lanayru’s southwestern region overlooking Zora’s Domain in between mount Rhoam area with Eldin Mountains’ nearby Forests.

4. Woodland Tower:

Woodland tower marked on top of Lookout Island near Korok Forest located just South-East from Hyrule Castle into the woodlands.

5.Hebra Tower:

You will discover Hebra marking corner points where Tabantha Tundra overlaps Haful Foothills areas within northern settlements before Gero Pond Ruins area.

6.Wasteland Tower

In western Necluda desert land Regions standing opposite now inaccessible Gerudo Canyon Pass but clearly visible From Highland Stable Area.

7.Tabantha Tower

The seventh tower is nestled among high cliffs over Tanagar Canyon riddled with gusty mountain winds north to huge ‘Dragons Exile’ Shrines areas.

8.Akala Tower

Akala northwest atop southern sections beside Elder ledges’ Road destination while traveling westwards back toward Mount Lanayru direction near central Lake Darman hills Region.

9.Gerudo Tower:

The ninth one is situated in the Gerudo Desert’s heart region and nestled with sand dunes at the southeastern corner of Central Tower. This task can only be completed once you have the Flamebreaker Armor outfit.

10.Eldin Tower:

The way to Eldin vertical peak starts from Death Mountain region with an active volcano It leads Northward with flammable hot spots and concludes near Goron City within its borders on Darunia Lake.

In conclusion, finding these towers is essential for progressing through Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Each tower unlocks new territory, allowing players to explore and discover more secrets hidden within Hyrule. With this guide, you should be able to locate all ten towers scattered across the game’s vast landscape and continue your exciting adventure in Zelda’s world!

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