During the Magic Stone quest in Nier Replicant, you will need to find the Eye of the Force. This guide has everything you need to know to find the Eye.

As you make your way through the Mythos Forest, you will meet a woman at the entrance who asks you to find a “magic stone” used for divination. This is where the Magic Stone quest in Nier Replicant begins. After you go to the library and talk to Popola, you will be tasked with tracking down the Eye of the Force in Nier Replicant, but where will you find it? Here’s what you need to know.

Where to find and how to get the Eye of the Force in Nier Replicant. The Magic Stone quest walkthrough
The Eye of Power can be found on the roof of the Lost Sanctuary. However, you will need to take several steps to get to the very top. We have described these steps below:

Make your way to the roof of the Lost Sanctuary.

Find the blue block and push it to the far right corner.

Climb the block and use it to climb the wall on the right.

Climb up and climb the brown block to get to the top.

Once you reach the very top of the Lost Temple, you need to defeat the Great Shadow here. After defeating him, an Eye of Power will fall from the Shadow, which you can then return to the woman at the entrance to the Mythos Forest.

For the trouble you get 10,000 gold, which can be spent to improve weapons or buy other useful items for your adventure.

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