Quality meat in Resident Evil 8 Village is a culinary ingredient required for the Chorba de Porque recipe. In this walkthrough guide, you will learn where to find and what you need quality meat for in Resident Evil Village.

Quality meat is one ingredient that you can always find in the same place, so you can always forage for it.

Where to Find Quality Meat
So, where to find quality meat? After passing Dimitrescu Castle and returning to the village (2nd visit) a white pig will appear.

Where to find quality meat
It will be in a small courtyard with a well by Luisa’s House, just behind the fields and the building where you met the man and woman earlier on your first visit to the village.

Simply attack the animal to get some quality meat. Then go to the merchant and add the pig to the recipe. Chorba de Porc reduces the damage you take while defending.

You can always go back to this place to get some more. That’s all you need to know about finding quality meat in Resident Evil Village.

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