The world of Summer in Mara is diverse. There are many different fruits and vegetables, including bananas. In this guide we will tell you how to get the bananas you need for some recipes. You will learn which island to visit to find this tropical fruit. This item is necessary for the pirate’s task and to get the golden key!

Before you can get to Silver Cay Island, go through the main tasks first. Keep doing Coa’s quests by helping the old lady from Kalis Lighthouse. Eventually, it will give you a map that will allow you to explore the rest of Mara. Then continue with the tasks until you get an improvement for the boat. Once you upgrade your boat, you can go even further across the ocean. Get to Silver Cay, which is located west of your home island, on two small plots of land.

Silver Cay Island is a place where you can find large deposits of silver ore, so don’t forget to pick it up. Look for trees on the beach, and sometimes find bananas. Unfortunately, they’re not as common. You will always find them on this island, but usually no more than 1-2. If you came here to complete the pirate’s quest, you need 3 bananas. You can come back here later so the bananas can reappear. But there’s a simpler option.

Take the bananas and go back to your home island. Plant these plants to grow banana trees. Over time, they can provide you with a permanent source of fruit. Put them near the beach, where your boat is standing.

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